Attributes of a Graduate

Attributes of a BC Graduate

During a year-long, province-wide consultation, thousands of BC citizens identified the following characteristics of the ideal BC graduate:

In their intellectual development, graduates should achieve:

n competency in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science, including the ability to use these skills in problem-solving and decision-making

n the ability to use and understand information technologies

n the ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences; this includes the ability to access, synthesize and present information; it also includes

– knowledge of both a first and second language

– an understanding and appreciation of artistic and aesthetic expression

n the ability to think critically and solve problems, using information to develop opinions and make sound judgments and decisions

n an understanding of the importance of a lifelong commitment to continuous learning


In their human and social development, graduates should achieve:

n the knowledge and skills required to be socially responsible citizens who act in caring and principled ways, respecting the diversity of all people and the rights of others to hold different ideas and beliefs

n the knowledge and understanding they need to participate in democracy as Canadian and global citizens, acting in accordance with the laws, rights and responsibilities of a democracy

n the attitudes, knowledge and positive habits they need to be healthy individuals, responsible for their physical and emotional well-being

n the attitudes and competencies they need to be community contributors who take the initiative to improve their own and others’ quality of life


In their career development, graduates should achieve:

n the confidence and competencies they need to be self-directed individuals who display initiative, set priorities, establish goals, and take responsibility for pursuing those goals in an ever-changing society

n knowledge and understanding of the range of career choices available to them, the prospects for success in those careers, and the actions required to pursue specific career paths

n experience in planning for, and working towards, career and life goals

n the skills required to work effectively and safely with others, and to succeed both as individual and collaborative workers


The Graduation Program is designed to support every graduate to acquire these attributes. See for details and policies.

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